Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project: Ribbon Wreath

Morning Everybody!!

Today, we'll be discussing the craft that deflated every last ounce of crafting enthusiasm in my body and led to my not contributing to this blog for a good, hot minute. It might be my least favorite craft of all time, the dreaded RIBBON WREATH.

Take a good look at it's pure evil.
It's super cute, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Of course I found the thing on Pinterest, pinned from an absolutely fantastic little site known as The Long Thread. They have tons of sewing and fabric-related crafts with complete DIY tutorials, so if that sort of thing is your cup of crafting tea, go check them out!! Apparently, fabric crafts are NOT my forte, however.

I guess I should start by explaining my dire obsession with wreaths. It is my sole purpose in life to accumulate an unreasonable number of wreaths for each holiday and season of the year, and I'll be damned if my wreaths aren't the best on the block. IT'S A MATTER OF PRIDE AND UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

Totally, not even a little bit.

So, of course I thought the wreath was adorable and that it would be super cool to be able to customize it to exactly what I want. Hence, I took on the ribbon wreath project. I went to Michael's and picked out some ribbon, totally ignoring the instructions from the pin. I decided that it might be a GREAT idea to get wired ribbon (first mistake) so that it would be easier to arrange the hang-y bits and make them look nice. Also, my house is the color of a gender-neutral baby shower (a pale, and terrible yellow) so I thought orange would not only match, but really liven the front door up a bit.

My wreath and pile of ribbon.
As you can see, the concept of the craft is pretty easy - tie ribbon to a wreath and viola. I should note that since my ribbon was sort of sheer (my second mistake), I had to paint the green wreath thing-er with orange paint 3 times, so that the green wouldn't show through and look weird. While it dried, I began cutting my ribbon into the appropriate lengths. And cutting...and cutting....and still more cutting.

I don't want to see another pair of scissors.

Guys, there was so much cutting. Not only did I have to go back to Michael's twice for more ribbon, but it took a total of FOUR spools of the shit to barely cover the entirety of the wreath. I was literally cutting, on and off, for about 3 weeks. Furthermore, the wire in the ribbon made it difficult to create uniform, forget attractive, knots. Lastly, the sheer ribbon looks weird on the door, because it's sheer. [Duh.] I recommend doing the opposite of what I did if you decide to try this and get non-wired, opaque ribbon.

Here's how stupid my wreath looks:

It looks totally scraggly!! I'm ashamed!!! Luckily, it doesn't look THAT bad from farther away:

Slightly better, still terrible.
I'm so totally bummed by how it turned out. However, I'm not giving up yet on my dream for a good-looking DIY wreath. My next attempt at a summer wreath will commence soon so stay tuned for more Craft Implosions from yours truly!!

If you totally one-up'd me on this project, send in your pics!!! We want to see them!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I wanted to tell you guys about a cool new Pinterest related site called PinFavs, put together by my friend, Ryan.

The site takes all the best pins (the ones that are re-pinned over, and over again) and organizes them by your favorite categories so you can easily find the most popular pins! It's about time someone de-cluttered Pinterest!

Give the good man a visit.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Follow Us on Twitter!!

You can now follow PinterShit on Twitter @PinterShit!!! We will tweet blog updates and whatever else we want. Maybe we'll get super ambitious and run some sort of Craft Challenge with a prize. You never know, but you'll only find out by following us!!

Now here's Jude Law (meow):

Project: Personalized Alphabet

Good day, PinPeople!!

Today, we are buying a ticket to Lizz Town, where she does crafts for her goddaughter. The idea, of course, came from Pinterest, but I have no earthly clue who to give original credit to, as the pin simply directs me to an enlarged picture of the pin:

Awwwwh, that's super precious for the sweet little one in your life!! There were no real directions on the pin, since it links only to a picture, but the concept is pretty simple. Print an alphabet with the letter of the kiddo's name in a different color, put the cute little adder in on the bottom, frame, done!!

Here's how Miss Lizzie proceded about her craft:

1) See the adorable poster on Pinterest and decide that your goddaughter NEEDS one.
2) Open up Photoshop on your computer.
3) Remember that you don't have Photoshop because it's ungodly expensive.
4) Open up Paint on your computer.
5) Stare at it for a while trying to figure out how you're supposed to use Paint to make something nice.
6) Decide to use Word to create the big beautiful letters, because in Word you can use the alignment that automatically spaces it out right. 
7) Copy (I used PrtScn) and paste it into Paint and enlarge as needed.
8) Wait until there's a Walgreens coupon code out and have them print it out on nice big poster paper.
9) Buy a frame at Michael's.
10) Poster ($16.25) + Frame ($8.62) = Voila! ($24.87)

Here's a picture of the completed project:

Fantastic!! I think this is a supreme PinWin, especially considering there were no directions involved. Hooray!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project: Glow Jars

Oh, have I got a good one for you today...

There has been a pin floating around for some time now, showing us how to very simply make a super cool glow jar:

Yeah, that one!!! I thought this would the perfect thing to entertain and amuse my toddler, so I set to work right away to make him his very own. Of course, this is a Pinterest thing, but the pin comes from VIPpins, which I don't think is the original author of this project, but it's the closest I can get to giving proper credit. 

The basics of the project are as follows:

1. Get mason jars.
2. Get glow-in-the-dark paint.
3. Paint dots inside the mason jar.
4. Fill with water (?).
5. Be amazed.

Whoa! Super easy! Surely, I can paint dots with the best of 'em. I went to le craft store and picked up my supplies:

That's my hubby in the background, trying to provide a white backdrop (his idea) for my photo. lolz. What I have there is just a pack of 6 glow paints, which cost me about $9.00, so not too bad. We already had mini mason jars in the house, which is how you know you're a craft nerd.

I decided such a vast array of glow-paint colors dictated that I must painstakingly, over a period of 3 days, add 3 colors to each jar, one by one. I chose to do one jar in pink, orange, and yellow, while the other jar was blue, green, and white, more like the one from Pinterest.

Here you can see me adding dots, and how it looked:

Green jar

Red jar
In case you were curious, here is how my jars look from the side:

It should be noted that the directions stated the more dots, the cooler it looks so I did my best to add TONS of dots.

Alright, pretty exciting. Now here's where the directions get a bit iffy...the recipe stated that somewhere along the way, I would need water. HOWEVER, it did not specify WHY I needed said water. I put on my science-hat, and figured that water in the jar would multiply the glowing effect by creating reflections. I'll accept my science trophy later, for being so smart and all.

My husband was exceedingly skeptical that this project would work at all. Namely, questioning the integrity of the glow-paint itself to actually glow. He decided to cook my jars under this extreme halogen lamp for maximum glow:

Alright! You guys ready to see my super mega cool glow jars???


BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! OMGosh, what a complete and total CRAFT IMPLOSION!!! Now I should note that the jars do glow, just not even close to the awesomeness level the pin promised me. 

Has anyone tried and pwn'd this project?? If so, we want to hear from you!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Project: Indoor Spring Onions

Green onions...

We all need them, but only occasionally, and then they come in a giant bundle that goes bad in the bottom of the fridge before you've used more than the 3 sprigs you needed for that one recipe that one time.

It's time for a scallion revolution! Of course, our project was found on Pinterest, but the pin came from Budget Savvy Diva, who posts on her blog with alarming regularity. This project is so incredibly easy and wallet-friendly, we can't believe we didn't think of it sooner:

There it is!! And that's basically all you need to know about it, too. After you've purchased and used your green onions, simply fill a mason jar with a bit of water and stick the ends just right on in there. I placed my mason jar on my kitchen windowsill and walked away.

Check it out!!! Those are the onions that came from the fabulous home of the fabulous Miss Lizzie. They just grew like magic!! To use them, just snip them off the bulb and put the bulbs back in the jar and then you too, can have a never-ending supply of fresh green onions for a one-time investment of roughly $1.00.

We're calling this one a TOTAL PinWin for ease of project and reward of bottomless onions!

Blog Fail

I'm a little ashamed to say it, but...

PinterShit is BACK, ya'll!!!

After a personal hiatus involving nothing of particular interest, I am once again, here to entertain, amuse, and poke further fun at, well, myself and others like me whose specialty involves fail.

Pinterest inspired projects are not the only thing I suck at, you see.
I'm a terribly distracted and scattered sort of thing.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project: Get Horizontal

Get Horizontal!! No, not in the dirty way...

This project, as always, was found on Pinterest but it originates over at Apartment Therapy and they have tons of great ideas for your home decor so check 'em out!!

The idea of this project is to stack-hang full-length mirrors as an alternative to one giant mirror. I think it looks super modern and classy:

The wonderful Miss Lizzie has been a craft machine lately and decided she would attempt this for her home. Furthermore, she was going to be a strong, independent sort of gal and do it all by herself! She has graciously laid out the steps she took for us to enjoy titled, "How NOT to Get Horizontal":

"Step 1: See a Pin on an article called "Getting Horizontal" (http://pinterest.com/pin/173951604326950993/) and think, 'Wow! That looks easy! I'll do that right now!'"

"Step 2: Pull out your old cheapo full-length mirror that's been sitting in a closet for three years.  Image yourself gloating to your co-workers about your Pin Win tomorrow morning."

"Step 3: Notice that there are no horizontal hangers on your old cheapo mirror, and also that the back of it seems to be mostly mirror with very little frame in which to nail a hanger, though it's hard to tell because it's all covered in cardboard.  Weigh the mirror and find out that it's over ten pounds, meaning no amount of sticky adhesives can be trusted to hold it.  But don't let this get you down - you're a strong and independent woman who can conquer any household problem and does not need to rely on anyone (let alone a man) for advice on how to hang a dang mirror."

"Step 4: Rummage in your closet until you find somewhat suitable sawtooth metal bits to nail into the very top of the frame, along with sticky sawtooth hangers for the wall. Tentatively hammer the sawtooth bits into the frame, and feel triumphant when they do appear to be sinking into wood behind the cardboard, not just hitting mirror. Sit back and smile; you're practically Martha Stewart."

"Step 5: Give one extra tap on a sawtooth metal bit, just to make sure it's in securely... subsequently breaking the mirror. Cry out in dismay to a husband who really couldn't care less what you're doing over there on the living room rug with a hammer at 9pm."

"Step 6: Buck up - you're creative, just like Martha, and even though you don't have a mirror anymore, you have a perfectly good frame which we all know would make a lovely display area for fabric or scrapbook paper or wire that will hold your necklaces. Use all of your might to pry the frame off the broken mirror. Set your frame on the back of your console table, and watch as it slides behind the table, crashing to the floor and coming apart."

Step 7: Congratulate yourself on a craft well-imploded, and remember that even though you don't have a pretty horizontal wall mirror, at least you have something to submit to PinterShit.

Ha!!!! Fabulous Craft Implosion, indeed!
Make sure to tune in for the next few days for a full report as I'm finishing up my Pinterest DIY Ribbon Wreath! HAPPY CRAFTING!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Recipe: Healthy Cheese Sticks

What? Healthy cheese sticks!?! It's a miracle!

Or so Miss Lizzie thought when she saw this pin on Pinterest:

Mmmmm, looks freaking delicious. The recipe can be found over at Olive the Ingredients, where you can also find other tasty things that are actually semi-good for you. Very simply, the idea is to just wrap up mozzarella cheese sticks into won ton wrappers and bake them.

Oh, snap.

Apparently, some things are easier said than done...

Hehehehe, here's what Miss Lizzie herself had to say about this fabulous specimen of a recipe fail:

" These are dangerously melty. Don't let even the tiniest spot of cheese see the light of day when you wrap them, or else that cheese will end up all over your baking sheet (NAILED IT). They taste pretty good, not like actual mozzarella sticks but like viable alternatives. Next time I'm definitely adding some Italian seasoning or something, at the very least some basil, because they do literally just taste like a cheese stick in a wonton wrapper. That is not the taste explosion I had hoped for. In the end I give this recipe a B+, my attempt at it a C, and my predicted future success with it an A-."

Don't forget!! You can submit your own Pinter-fails to this blog (and we're just dying to see them)! We're also taking PinWins, so if you totally pwn'd a craft or a recipe, take a pic and send it in!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project: Toilet Humor

Right off the bat, dear followers, I have to apologize for the lack of posts this month!!! Things have gone what I would be happy to call haywire. Busy, busy!!

Since I know many of you are busy people as well, I thought you all might enjoy this craft I made for my husband. It's very simple, and takes only a few minutes to complete!!

You'll need a fresh roll of toilet paper, and a pen that won't bleed through, but also won't tear the toilet paper.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


I had to die of laughter when I saw this pin:

Finally. A man who can appreciate this:

Yep. That's where we're supposed to eat dinner.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipe: Hershey Kiss Pretzel M&M Bites

The lovely Miss Lizzie has attempted the much-pinned Hershey Kiss Pretzel M&M bites! As always, the recipe was found on Pinterest, but originates from Megster Meter where tons of other delicious looking things can be found.

The recipe was super easy and everything was done just the way it is described on the blog, except that peanut M&M's were used instead of regular ones. Here is what they are supposed to look like:

Super cute! My favorite part is that they're little individual servings, and there's so little mess involved! She made two kinds - one batch with Hershey Kisses, and one with Rolos (which are sooooo good anyway). Here's how they turned out (Rolos at bottom of pic, Kisses at top):

OMGosh! Total PIN WIN!!! Not only do they look perfect, but I got to taste-test them first hand and they were just as delicious as they were cute! This is such a great snack-y thing to serve at any get together, I'll be trying these next time I throw a party!

Tips for Hershey Kiss Pretzel M&M Bite Success:

1. If you make the kind with Rolos, try subbing Reece's Pieces for the pecans - it was super good!!

2. It is VERY IMPORTANT to get them in the fridge or else they take forever to cool. If you can, try and plan ahead to have space in the fridge to put the whole baking sheet in there to cool since they're a bit too melty to scrape off of the baking sheet right away.

3. The Rolo recipe is just slightly different than the Hershey Kiss recipe. Get it at So Wonderful So Marvelous.

If you try this recipe, we'd love to see your pictures!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recipe: Champagne Cupcakes

Hooray for the first recipe attempt of this blog!

The lovely Miss Lizzie threw a super-classy New Year's party and we decided it would be just oh-so-perfect if we made the Champagne Cupcakes for the party since everyone would be drinking anyway! She originally found the recipe on Pinterest, but the recipe originates over at Sprinkle Bakes, where you can find other super great things. Here's what the cupcakes are supposed to look like:

Super pretty!! Not to toot my own trumpet, but I'm a pretty good baker. However, this was my first attempt at putting filling inside a cupcake so I was a bit nervous. The recipe requires three different mixtures:

So far, so good. I did manage to make 24 cupcakes from the recipe, but they were a bit on the small side, so next time, I'll probably stick to making the suggested 17 instead. Each one of the parts tasted supremely good though, the batter was tasty, the filling was tasty, and the icing was to die for!

After my cupcakes were thoroughly cooled, I used a small paring knife to literally cut a hole in the top middle of the cupcake. Doing the filling was a lot easier than I thought!! After inserting the filling, you just cut the excess cake off the piece you removed to create a little lid to put back on top of the filling. As a side note, I put the filling in a Ziploc bag and cut off a tiny bit of the tip for less mess and easy filling action.

So, while the frosting was very, very tasty, mine was no where near as fluffy as the one in the picture.

Ok, not as pretty necessarily as the one from Pinterest, but they tasted soooooo darn good!!! They were a huge hit at the party so I'm calling this one a draw! Appearance wise, total recipe fail. Taste wise, this recipe is going into my permanent collection!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project: Glitter Paint Glasses

Happy New Year, Dear Followers and Readers!!

I thought it would be appropriate after this past New Year's weekend to show you all how my glitter paint glasses project turned out. I tried to do some champagne flutes in preparation for the holiday and here's what happened...

I found the project on Pinterest, but the craft originates over at Martha Stewart's site (Damn you, Martha!!!) and looks just gorgeous:

Seems simple enough! Just tape off and paint the glasses. Got it.

I used blue painters tape cut into thin strips to tape off a nice pattern and like the ones on Martha's site, I did 4 pink ones and 4 gold ones. The project was a disaster right from the get-go. The first round of glitter paint hardly looked like I had done anything but fog the glass up. It was clear that multiple coats would be necessary to get the full glitter effect.

Unfortunately, my blending skills are apparently a bit rusty. I had higher hopes for the ones I taped a stripe on, since it seemed like the paint was coating a bit better.

Yeah. The paint peeled off right with the tape.

Here is the "finished product."

Now I have a bunch of hideous champagne flutes I have no idea what to do with.
We'll just mark this as my second craft implosion on the site, and the first craft implosion of the year!!