Friday, January 27, 2012

Recipe: Healthy Cheese Sticks

What? Healthy cheese sticks!?! It's a miracle!

Or so Miss Lizzie thought when she saw this pin on Pinterest:

Mmmmm, looks freaking delicious. The recipe can be found over at Olive the Ingredients, where you can also find other tasty things that are actually semi-good for you. Very simply, the idea is to just wrap up mozzarella cheese sticks into won ton wrappers and bake them.

Oh, snap.

Apparently, some things are easier said than done...

Hehehehe, here's what Miss Lizzie herself had to say about this fabulous specimen of a recipe fail:

" These are dangerously melty. Don't let even the tiniest spot of cheese see the light of day when you wrap them, or else that cheese will end up all over your baking sheet (NAILED IT). They taste pretty good, not like actual mozzarella sticks but like viable alternatives. Next time I'm definitely adding some Italian seasoning or something, at the very least some basil, because they do literally just taste like a cheese stick in a wonton wrapper. That is not the taste explosion I had hoped for. In the end I give this recipe a B+, my attempt at it a C, and my predicted future success with it an A-."

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