Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project: Ribbon Wreath

Morning Everybody!!

Today, we'll be discussing the craft that deflated every last ounce of crafting enthusiasm in my body and led to my not contributing to this blog for a good, hot minute. It might be my least favorite craft of all time, the dreaded RIBBON WREATH.

Take a good look at it's pure evil.
It's super cute, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Of course I found the thing on Pinterest, pinned from an absolutely fantastic little site known as The Long Thread. They have tons of sewing and fabric-related crafts with complete DIY tutorials, so if that sort of thing is your cup of crafting tea, go check them out!! Apparently, fabric crafts are NOT my forte, however.

I guess I should start by explaining my dire obsession with wreaths. It is my sole purpose in life to accumulate an unreasonable number of wreaths for each holiday and season of the year, and I'll be damned if my wreaths aren't the best on the block. IT'S A MATTER OF PRIDE AND UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

Totally, not even a little bit.

So, of course I thought the wreath was adorable and that it would be super cool to be able to customize it to exactly what I want. Hence, I took on the ribbon wreath project. I went to Michael's and picked out some ribbon, totally ignoring the instructions from the pin. I decided that it might be a GREAT idea to get wired ribbon (first mistake) so that it would be easier to arrange the hang-y bits and make them look nice. Also, my house is the color of a gender-neutral baby shower (a pale, and terrible yellow) so I thought orange would not only match, but really liven the front door up a bit.

My wreath and pile of ribbon.
As you can see, the concept of the craft is pretty easy - tie ribbon to a wreath and viola. I should note that since my ribbon was sort of sheer (my second mistake), I had to paint the green wreath thing-er with orange paint 3 times, so that the green wouldn't show through and look weird. While it dried, I began cutting my ribbon into the appropriate lengths. And cutting...and cutting....and still more cutting.

I don't want to see another pair of scissors.

Guys, there was so much cutting. Not only did I have to go back to Michael's twice for more ribbon, but it took a total of FOUR spools of the shit to barely cover the entirety of the wreath. I was literally cutting, on and off, for about 3 weeks. Furthermore, the wire in the ribbon made it difficult to create uniform, forget attractive, knots. Lastly, the sheer ribbon looks weird on the door, because it's sheer. [Duh.] I recommend doing the opposite of what I did if you decide to try this and get non-wired, opaque ribbon.

Here's how stupid my wreath looks:

It looks totally scraggly!! I'm ashamed!!! Luckily, it doesn't look THAT bad from farther away:

Slightly better, still terrible.
I'm so totally bummed by how it turned out. However, I'm not giving up yet on my dream for a good-looking DIY wreath. My next attempt at a summer wreath will commence soon so stay tuned for more Craft Implosions from yours truly!!

If you totally one-up'd me on this project, send in your pics!!! We want to see them!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I wanted to tell you guys about a cool new Pinterest related site called PinFavs, put together by my friend, Ryan.

The site takes all the best pins (the ones that are re-pinned over, and over again) and organizes them by your favorite categories so you can easily find the most popular pins! It's about time someone de-cluttered Pinterest!

Give the good man a visit.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

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