Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project: Glitter Paint Glasses

Happy New Year, Dear Followers and Readers!!

I thought it would be appropriate after this past New Year's weekend to show you all how my glitter paint glasses project turned out. I tried to do some champagne flutes in preparation for the holiday and here's what happened...

I found the project on Pinterest, but the craft originates over at Martha Stewart's site (Damn you, Martha!!!) and looks just gorgeous:

Seems simple enough! Just tape off and paint the glasses. Got it.

I used blue painters tape cut into thin strips to tape off a nice pattern and like the ones on Martha's site, I did 4 pink ones and 4 gold ones. The project was a disaster right from the get-go. The first round of glitter paint hardly looked like I had done anything but fog the glass up. It was clear that multiple coats would be necessary to get the full glitter effect.

Unfortunately, my blending skills are apparently a bit rusty. I had higher hopes for the ones I taped a stripe on, since it seemed like the paint was coating a bit better.

Yeah. The paint peeled off right with the tape.

Here is the "finished product."

Now I have a bunch of hideous champagne flutes I have no idea what to do with.
We'll just mark this as my second craft implosion on the site, and the first craft implosion of the year!!