Heinous Fashion

BANANA PANTS. I don't know what else I have to say to deter you from wearing these.

This is an elderly person's idea of fashionable wedding attire.  It is NOT a "cute summer dress."

 DO NOT bring shoulder pads back to life. PLEASE.

Usually love these put together outfit pins, but it seems a lack of effort happened.

Baboon-style spanx will lure him until you have to take them off in front of him.

This looks like something my grandmother would accidentally mismatch.

I wouldn't hate this, but it's about as unflattering as any one-piece swimsuit could be.

Finally!!! They've found a way to make feet look fat, too.

Metallic, lingerie, hot-pants thing. No. 

Horizontal stripes on the ass-region are never a good idea. 

No one looks couture in a shapeless pink sack. 

I have to admit to liking these, tacky and terrible though they  may be!

Boob Scarf. I don't need to explain why this is awful.

Look! Look at these terrible pants!!

Scuba in style.

And what, pray tell, am I supposed to wear these with?
Mallard Duck heels. I can't get behind it.
I know 3 year olds who wouldn't be caught dead in this thing.


I hate this on sooo many levels.

Please tell me again why I diet if we're all just going to wear huge pants anyway.

A definite Fashion Fur Paux by Alexander McQueen

This is how I would imagine a homeless ballerina looking.

Chunky nail

Earrings for either a parrot, or a 5 year old.

Taco necklace charm is a no-no.