Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project: Get Horizontal

Get Horizontal!! No, not in the dirty way...

This project, as always, was found on Pinterest but it originates over at Apartment Therapy and they have tons of great ideas for your home decor so check 'em out!!

The idea of this project is to stack-hang full-length mirrors as an alternative to one giant mirror. I think it looks super modern and classy:

The wonderful Miss Lizzie has been a craft machine lately and decided she would attempt this for her home. Furthermore, she was going to be a strong, independent sort of gal and do it all by herself! She has graciously laid out the steps she took for us to enjoy titled, "How NOT to Get Horizontal":

"Step 1: See a Pin on an article called "Getting Horizontal" ( and think, 'Wow! That looks easy! I'll do that right now!'"

"Step 2: Pull out your old cheapo full-length mirror that's been sitting in a closet for three years.  Image yourself gloating to your co-workers about your Pin Win tomorrow morning."

"Step 3: Notice that there are no horizontal hangers on your old cheapo mirror, and also that the back of it seems to be mostly mirror with very little frame in which to nail a hanger, though it's hard to tell because it's all covered in cardboard.  Weigh the mirror and find out that it's over ten pounds, meaning no amount of sticky adhesives can be trusted to hold it.  But don't let this get you down - you're a strong and independent woman who can conquer any household problem and does not need to rely on anyone (let alone a man) for advice on how to hang a dang mirror."

"Step 4: Rummage in your closet until you find somewhat suitable sawtooth metal bits to nail into the very top of the frame, along with sticky sawtooth hangers for the wall. Tentatively hammer the sawtooth bits into the frame, and feel triumphant when they do appear to be sinking into wood behind the cardboard, not just hitting mirror. Sit back and smile; you're practically Martha Stewart."

"Step 5: Give one extra tap on a sawtooth metal bit, just to make sure it's in securely... subsequently breaking the mirror. Cry out in dismay to a husband who really couldn't care less what you're doing over there on the living room rug with a hammer at 9pm."

"Step 6: Buck up - you're creative, just like Martha, and even though you don't have a mirror anymore, you have a perfectly good frame which we all know would make a lovely display area for fabric or scrapbook paper or wire that will hold your necklaces. Use all of your might to pry the frame off the broken mirror. Set your frame on the back of your console table, and watch as it slides behind the table, crashing to the floor and coming apart."

Step 7: Congratulate yourself on a craft well-imploded, and remember that even though you don't have a pretty horizontal wall mirror, at least you have something to submit to PinterShit.

Ha!!!! Fabulous Craft Implosion, indeed!
Make sure to tune in for the next few days for a full report as I'm finishing up my Pinterest DIY Ribbon Wreath! HAPPY CRAFTING!